Be a beacon of New Hope

To the displaced & disadvantaged in our community
What is a Beacon?

A beacon provides guidance. Commonly located in positions that are easily visible to all, beacons are a comforting source of direction towards safety.

Who are the Beacons of New Hope?

At New Hope Community Services, we believe that everyone can be a Beacon of New Hope for the displaced and disadvantaged.

Whether you’re an individual who wants to share more about this cause with your friends, or a team of colleagues looking to make a meaningful difference together, everyone is invited to join us in our mission to restore hope.

Will you join us in speaking up, serving others, and restoring hope?

About Beacons


Number of Beacons


Number of Teams

Our Brightest Beacons

Top 10 Beacons
Rank Name Fund Raised
1 Jumping Singapore $50,550.00
2 Andrew Khoo $46,700.00
3 Michael Lee $20,287.00
4 Iris $19,477.83
5 Xin Ling $19,100.37
6 Glacy & Gordon $18,700.00
7 Ann Tat $17,500.83
8 Gerard $14,625.37
9 Pauline Tan $13,800.00
10 Team Kukoh $13,058.00
Top 10 Teams
Rank Team Name Fund Raised
1 Team Sparks $89,958.00
2 Team Kampung Siglap $86,877.00
3 Jumping Singapore $60,695.00
4 Team Hope $53,697.00
5 Lions Club Of Singapore Raffles City $32,899.00
6 Team Spoon $27,950.00
7 Awesome SWAGs $15,030.00
8 Team Kukoh $13,058.00
9 Team HQ $10,128.00
10 Team Illumin8 $8,090.00

Homelessness exists in Singapore. In spite of being one of the wealthiest countries in the world with all the outward forms of affluence, Singapore's invisible poor lurks as foreboding spirits in the night, presenting a disconcerting social issue.